Images can draw a visitor to your website and keep them there if you have the right ones. However, some people get a little too carried away with images, or don’t optimize them properly, which can lead to slower response times. The key to a great WordPress website design is balance. You can balance your images by testing the different available formats and sizes to ensure great photo quality while not bogging down your site at the same time. If you use a WordPress maintenance service, image optimization is likely included in your package, so you have nothing to worry about. Read here for a quick guide on optimizing images for WordPress.

Consider Image Size

You don’t have to be an expert in images to know how to reduce the size, but it will take some time to figure out the best possible size. The image needs to be large enough to be seen comfortably, but not too large where the file size is bigger than it needs to be. Plus, depending on the source of the image, you have to consider the megapixels to ensure the clarity is of high quality. Many WordPress support services will do this for you, so you won’t have to take the time to learn about image sizing in depth.

Check The Image Format

The format of each image is critical as well. The top two image formats are PNG and JPEG. Knowing which format to use for certain types of images will help reduce file size and keep your WordPress site operating at a high speed. As a quick tip, a photograph would be best uploaded as a JPEG, while screenshots and similar images would be best uploaded as a PNG format. These are just basic rules of thumb to consider for your WordPress website design.

Optimize Images Before or After Uploading to Your Website

Images can either be optimized before or after uploading them to your website. However, the best results generally come when the image is formatted and sized correctly prior to uploading it. If you choose to optimize images after uploading them, you’ll have to find a good plugin to help you do so.

Why Image Optimization Matters

As important as images are in general for a website, optimizing them properly is even more important. The worst thing that can happen is spending a significant amount of time finding the best images, only to find out you’ll have to spend twice as much time formatting them. Too many images can slow down the site’s speed, which impacts SEO rankings negatively. The best WordPress website design has the right amount of images that are sized and formatted perfectly to maintain a great layout and fast speed.

When you work with Hosting Gun for your WordPress maintenance service, image optimization is included in your package. You can find the images and let us do the work for you, or we can even step in and help with the process. We strive to take as much work off of your plate as we can, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Be sure to contact us to learn more about image optimization and the importance of it for your WordPress site.