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Running a website takes time per day, week, month, and year. Do you have the time and technical skills to do it all or would you rather focus on your business and let Website Experts take care of it for you?

Expert Website Support & Care

We know how frustrating it is when websites break. With many cloud website options like Webflow, Dorik, or Squarespace, and more, it is easy to get a website launched, but what about after the site is launched. Who is there to manage it? Who is there to make updates or changes to the site? Business owners and agency owners should be focused on growing their company they should not be distracted by supporting websites. We are here for those people. From always owning the site and making sure things are running secure and fast, that is what we do. We also offer tons of support. Our support ranges from doing website tasks like making a text edit, changing out an image, or doing something more custom that requires some custom code. We also help serve clients by being a resource to help with any website questions or advice. No matter what needs you have, we are here to help.

24/7 Security Scans

Speed Optimization

Secure Server and Offsite Backups

Technology Stack Updates

Site Up™ Monitoring

Choose the perfect plan for your website.

Every plan includes All Core Features.
Currently, we support Webflow, Dorik, Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy. Let us know if you use something different.

Website Care

Great for general websites with little to no edits in a month.

All Core Features

1 Website

(1 Hour) of monthly Website Task Requests

Our team will do website edits, content uploads, and more…


Website Care Pro

Best for websites with some monthly content updates or edits.

All Core Features

1 Website

(3 Hours) of monthly Website Task Requests

Our team will do website edits, content uploads, and more…


Website Care Partner

Great for websites with many content updates or want priority support.

All Core Features

1 Website

(12 Hours) of monthly Website Task Requests

Our team will do website edits, content uploads, plugin configurations, and more…

Priority Expert Website Support

You are moved to the front of the support queue


Core Features

Core features are included in all of the plans.

✅ Expert Website Email Support

While we provide a hands-off experience, if any question comes up or you need help on something, our expert Website support team is here to help.

✅ 24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Every Minute of Every Day we are checking your website to make sure it is up. Our website’s uptime is typically 99.9% but we always are watching and monitoring.

✅ Security & Malware Scanning

Your website will be scanned daily to look out for any potential threats.

✅ Global DNS

Every website that is capable of custom DNS is setup on Cloudflare DNS for ultimate speed and security as the first line of defense. Some builders have their DNS built in.

✅ Image Optimization & CDN

Speed is our goal and one way to be fast is with image optimization our Global CDN for files and images. This varies based on the cloud builder being used.

✅ Website Security

Our security is built to cover from the domain level with the DNS as well as at the server level and Website level. This varies based on the cloud builder being used.

✅ Secure Transactional Emails

Your site will be integrated with Postmark to ensure email deliverability for all of your website’s outgoing emails. This varies based on the cloud builder being used.

✅ Secure Off-site Backups

Backups are typically running on your cloud builder and we are typically able to provide additional offsite backups. This varies based on the cloud builder being used.

✅ SSL Certificate

Every site receives a Lets Encrypt SSL certificate giving your site the needed https protocol. This varies based on the cloud builder being used.

Custom & Enterprise

Large Brand or Many Sites?

We can put together a custom plan for you.

Agencies & Designers

Build Client Sites?

We can support you and your clients sites. We offer great recurring discounts & commissions. Reach out to learn more.

“We no longer have to worry about our website.”

“Website Ally has been great at making us feel secure with them. We know we can trust them. The value we receive each month is great but anytime we talk with them we get even more value from software advice to business advice and more. They are always helpful and we are grateful to have them as our Website partner.”

– Alliance CM

Frequently asked questions.

Can I have multiple websites?
We can help you with as many websites as you have, however, each website requires its own plan.
What happens after I sign up?

After you choose and pay for a plan you will be redirected to the Website Ally client portal. There will be a very short and easy form that will securely gather the needed website logins. Once we review and verify we have access, we will immediately take any needed backups of your current site. Once we have a backup we will look over your current website and run reports and audits to see where everything is at. We will do the required audit tasks to get the site performing better and any immediate tasks you provided. Once the site is optimized, secured, and working well, we will make it live. At this point, we have all we need to keep your site running well every day of the month. Since your website includes Website Task Requests, you can begin sending those our way.

What is considered a "Website Task Request"?

Most content edits are covered. Basically, think of the things you see when looking at your website. Some examples might be changing text, changing colors, adding tracking codes, adding an image, reordering slides in a slider, placing in your already created and formatted blog content…etc.

Some examples of things that would not be included in the Website Task Requests would be design work, creating content, creating custom plugins or adding new functionality to your current plugins, or creating new websites.

If you do have work to be done that would not be considered included in our Website Task Requests we can give you a quote for the project.

How do I submit Website Task Requests?

In your Website Ally portal, you have direct contact with us. If you would rather email, you can do that as well and all messages will be saved and synced in the portal.

What are your support hours?

Our Website Task Requests and General Support hours are between 9 AM and 6 PM Central, Monday through Friday except on most major US holidays.

Can I change my plan?

All of our plans are month to month. If you want to upgrade to a higher tier plan especially if you want unlimited Website Task Requests, it will take effect immediately and you would only pay the difference between the two plans and your subscription date would change to the new upgrade date. If you want to downgrade, it will take place on your next monthly renewal and your next billing will be the following month.

What are the contract terms?
Don’t you miss being able to shake someone’s hand and not doubting for a second they would do what they said they would do? That has always been our philosophy. Our terms are pretty simple if you try our service and it doesn’t seem to be the right fit for you then all you have to do is cancel service in the portal or send us a message and we will start the offboarding process. Our plans are month to month as we believe in earning your business every single month.
What happens if I cancel?

If you do not want to continue our service, we will make sure you have access to everything and we will help facilitate providing files or access for you to offboard your site if necessary. If we added a 3rd party tool that is a feature we include with our service, you will lose access to that feature. We will discuss with you what your options are.

Are email accounts included?
No, we do not provide email accounts. We only recommend using Google Workplace to handle your email. We can help in making sure that DNS is set up correctly but if you need help setting up the email accounts we can provide you some great resources or recommend talented IT consultants.

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