Users generally demand speed when they visit a website. In fact, many people won’t spend more than five seconds on a website if it hasn’t loaded by then. The consequences of this are obvious, but let’s focus on the solutions instead. Without constant maintenance and upkeep, a custom WordPress website won’t operate as efficiently. The great thing about WordPress is the website owner has the ability to customize many different aspects of it. However, the more customization and features that are added, the greater the chances of the website slowing down. Here are some great tips for keeping your website running at a quick pace, while maintaining the important features.

Keep Your WordPress Site as Clean as Possible

Have you ever visited a custom WordPress website that dragged, but another one that gave you instantaneous results? One of the reasons could have been because certain configuration files were kept as closely as possible to their default position. Configuration files have to be loaded any time a user clicks on a different page, and when the files have to be constantly rewritten, there’s a good chance it will cause some lag. Luckily, WordPress management services are available to help, since many website owners aren’t sure how to manage these configuration files.

Choose The Best Plugins

There are thousands of different plugins available for WordPress websites. Instead of simply choosing the plugin that looks best, start by looking at things like how often it gets updated, the support history and the overall reviews to get a sense of its performance and reliability. There is no perfect plugin, but finding the most reliable one that gets updated frequently is usually the best choice.

Consider Page and Object Cache

A page cache system can help reduce the workload the server does, since it stores requests in a separate static file on the server. With object cache, query results are stored in the server’s memory bank, so WordPress will be able to get information from a new query in the memory bank, rather than running a new request. Website owners who want the fastest WordPress hosting should consider page and object cache systems to boost the speed of their website significantly.

Check Database Options Frequently

Unless a website owner is highly skilled with knowing what makes a website run, WordPress management services are usually the way to go. With so many different database options a website has, it takes a person or team with specific knowledge and skills to determine what’s needed, what’s not needed and what can be improved. It may seem simple to remove certain options that are slowing down your website, but sometimes it’s difficult to identify which options those are. This is where WordPress management services can step in and help.

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